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"Sales to Pay for Accidents" Calculator

Workers Comp has many hidden costs, but just because you can't see them doesn't mean they don't hurt you and hurt your business. If you do a little arithmetic - -based on your company's WC activities for the past year you can see the full impact.

Total Incurred ($):
Your Company's Profit Margin (%): (ie: 6.5 not .065)
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Grand total: $0.00
It takes ________ in sales to replace the ________ your company spent on workers' compensation.

The Grand Total represents the true cost of workers' compensation. That is the amount of money your company spent to 'pay for' workers' compensation.

In other words, to replace the cost of workers' compensation losses on the bottom line, your company would have to increase sales by that amount. And, that amount cannot be reinvested or returned to stockholders. It is the same as if sales dropped by that amount.

The true cost is much larger than the amount executives see on the loss report.

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